Dec 16

Go Ahead! Tear the Wrapping Paper–A Holiday Reminder of Possibilities

tear the wrapping paper

Tear the Wrapping Paper!

With the holidays upon us, I have become more aware of childhood memories, magical expectations of the season, and family traditions. Christmas carols and movies paint a picture of chestnuts roasting, a Yule log in the fireplace, sleigh bells ringing while horses pull an open sleigh through the snow towards grandma’s house in the woods. Family members spreading love and joy sing merrily through the season, and Christmas cheer is evident on the faces of young and old alike. These are my images of Christmas. However, what I actually experience is not like any of these – the images of songs, stories, or movies.

Each year, I tend to gear myself up for another go-round of shopping and the bombardment of commercials suggesting the perfect gift. I try to merry myself with the tree and tinsel and lights, but still a low grade depression seeps under my skin, seemingly plaguing me and my view of the season. But this year, I want to do it differently. This year, I believe there is another way.

Thinking of my family traditions, I am reminded of Christmas morning. Dad begins the ceremonial event and hands a present to one person at a time. Everyone watches as the gift is unwrapped. In this manner, much conversation takes place; all gifts are acknowledged; many hugs are given. With each gift, the paper is taken off carefully so the beautifully decorated and foiled wrappings might be preserved for another year. Even a knife is on hand to cut strings and ribbons or that piece of tape that won’t come off without tearing the paper.

Unwrapping gifts at my parents’ house takes time. It is a process, and it is familiar to me after so many years. It is the way it is done, and the tradition has continued with my own children. There are occasions however, when saving the paper is impossible, and a decision is made to tear the package open. One of us will say, “Go ahead! Tear the paper.” At that, everything changes. Careful unwrapping flies out the window, and the gift is opened quickly, the sound of torn and ripped paper, the crunch of a paper wad, and the heightened sense of excitement gets everyone’s attention. A new and fulfilling energy comes forth. The gift is revealed. The wadded up ball is discarded and thrown across the room to the trash. The children cheer; the adults are energized.
Contemplating the idea of making changes in my life, I have chosen to use the analogy, of “tearing the wrapping paper”, for in the imagined tearing, a new energy takes place. A new belief in one’s life is possible. I can choose to continue doing the familiar, the same thing over and over, carefully processing my life, or I can go ahead and tear the paper, revealing the gift, and choosing a new life. In other words, I can stay in the same place, hoping things will change, or I can make a radical decision and be energized by the wonderful gifts of that decision.

My Dreams and How I am Tearing the Wrapping Paper

Last May, I decided to leave my teaching career to focus on the book I had imagined writing. The decision did not seem logical, and it wasn’t, for I would leave behind the sanctity of a dependable paycheck. I would need to rely on the income of two rental houses, but my desire to write the book outweighed any logical bone in my body. And so I did it. I made a choice, a conscious choice to follow my dreams. What is it they say? Jump, and grow your wings on the way down. Well, I am doing that. I went ahead and tore the paper. I ripped the package open, and in the new energy of that, I have been given many gifts. For one, the writing of my book is going well. But also, I have been amazed at the way my life is progressing. Almost without effort, I was offered an opportunity to publish a piece of my writing. It is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and I can now call myself a published author. Additionally, I have received the gift of being a part of Brad Simkins, Inner Guide Empowerment Show. It feels wonderful and kind of miraculous and mysterious. I did know ahead of time, my life would work out this way. I just trusted in possibilities and believed in myself. Through it all, I still contemplate the mystery, and I am continually reminded of Henry David Thoreau’s famous words. Thoreau, who conducted a series of life experiments, “living deliberately”, discovered in his day a phenomenon which today we recognize as quantum physics. As Thoreau made conscious choices, he concluded that:

“If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, endeavoring to live the life they are imagining, one passes an invisible boundary. All sorts of things begin to occur that never otherwise would have occurred. One begins to meet with a success unexpected in common hours. New, more universal and liberal laws begin to establish themselves around that person, or the old laws are rearranged in one’s favor. Nevertheless, one begins to live with the license of a higher order of being.”

Ripping the package open is like making a new choice for one’s life. It is the same as advancing confidently in the direction of one’s dreams. Visualizing the dream and imagining oneself in it, is highly important. When a person endeavors to live the life they are imagining, he or she passes an invisible boundary, and all sorts of things begin to occur that never otherwise would have occurred. Things begin to fall into place perfectly. When information is needed, the right people seem to come forward with it. A strange synchronicity begins to take place, and the way it happens is almost unexplainable.

Tearing the Wrapping Paper and Quantum Physics

I just finished reading twice, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, You Are The Placebo. The book is filled with real-life accounts of people who have changed their lives, healing their bodies, by believing it is possible. Additionally, he explains critical scientific evidence verifying the feelings behind our thoughts literally trigger chemicals which change the way our bodies respond. He too focuses on visualization and imagining new desired outcomes and possibilities. He shares his beliefs about the role meditation plays in our lives, and he helps the reader create a mental picture of desired outcomes. Visualization starts the process in the brain, he says, and chemicals called neuropeptides begin working, sending new messages to the cells. “When the DNA in a cell gets the information from the neuropeptide, it responds by turning on some genes and turning off others, all to support your new state of being.”
Equipped with the advice of Thoreau and Dispenza, along with my ability to listen to my own guidance and trust, I choose a new way of being. I choose new thoughts, and I raise my own vibration. I have decided to go ahead and tear the paper, for in the imagined ripping open of the package, I jolt myself into different thought patterns and new energy.

Last night after receiving the email confirming my appearance on the radio show, I was struck with dread. I literally shook and admitted to being “scared to death.” Imagining myself carefully opening a gift, I knew I had two choices. I could either put the package down or I could tear it open and think differently about myself and the situation. My fear stemmed from not being ready, not being spiritual enough, not being good enough. For a brief time, I wanted to back out and run away from the opportunity. But instead, of dropping the package altogether, I decided to rip it open and make a new decision – a more radical one. I decided to contemplate the following thoughts and believe them, for they are true.

  • Get out of your comfort zone. Trust yourself. Your heart is open.
  • Irregardless of fear, be your magnificence.
  • Feel into yourself and be true to your dream. You have much to say.
  • This opportunity would not have presented itself if you were not ready.

In time, I succeeded. I fell into a sleep, knowing I had changed my energy. I had made a different decision, and I felt a new level of energy as I gave myself permission to tear the paper and reveal the gift. Oh, the gift? It turned out to be a larger and greater version of myself.

It is true, when we choose to tear the paper, inevitably, the gift revealed is a new and better version of ourselves. When we come from our own magnificence, we create many more wondrous events and surprises. Loving ourselves enough to step into our power is ultimately the gift that keeps on giving, for we create according to our beliefs. it is done to us AS we believe. Therefore, believing we are good, only brings more good.
Christmas-DecorationsPerhaps, using the analogy of ripping paper, we will be reminded to change our negative thoughts to positive. As we open our own gifts this season, may we remember to acknowledge our own greatness, and may we stop in mid sentence when we hear ourselves complaining or blaming. Perhaps, tearing the paper will mean a commitment to stop smoking for one person and to eat healthy foods for another. Maybe somebody will decide to step out of an abusive relationship while another person leaves a dead end job. I hope there are some who decide to write a book and others who take the steps to own a business. Tear open those packages. Let them remind us of infinite possibilities.

I know for me, I will make a different decision about the holidays. I already have done so. If I start to feel sad and depressed during the holidays, I will continue to choose a new way of thinking. Namely, I am happy. I see good in the world. I love my family and friends. I am blessed. I won’t leave the package unopened, I promise. Nope. I am ripping it open and finding a new me. I am changing my thoughts and replacing the old ones. I’m already feeling excitement about an upcoming Christmas party.  Heck! You just never know. I might even be seen Christmas caroling in the neighborhood this year.


From my heart to yours,

SoulSway, Soul





Jul 01

Living the Law of Attraction

manifesting Istanbul

Is it Luck? Or is the Law of Attraction in Action?


Recently returning from a two week trip to Europe, a colleague  sent me an email expressing the luck I must have to be able to take such an excursion.  It’s true, I did travel to the grand city of Istanbul before getting on a cruise ship bound for Crete and the island of Santorini.  I did see the Acropolis in Athens, and I spent three days in Rome, touring historical sites there.  However, after re-reading his email, I was keenly aware that it was not luck that sent me traveling.


Remembering the summer I spent in China in 2006, the 10 day trip I took to Costa Rica in 2007, and the two times I went to Africa in 2011 and 2013, I thought again of the possible luck involved.  I can see how one might think I am lucky.  These trips did not cost me anything.  It might appear to be luck because I was “at the right place at the right time” when each trip was presented to me.  But luck was not involved.


Recently, much has been said and written about the Law of Attraction.  Simply put, we attract into our lives, situations and experiences that resonate with us.  We are the creators of our lives.  If creation is based on our thinking and the beliefs we hold, wouldn’t we do well to be more aware of our thinking?  According to the Law of Attraction, life shows up for us in exact parallels to our beliefs and thoughts.  Teachers of the Law of Attraction stress the importance of visualization and keeping clear, thoughts of desired outcomes.


A man who desires a new career, for example, but doubts his self worth, will not manifest his desired career because he is not in alignment with the energy of it.


My desire to travel is great.  Vivid mental pictures of the places I want to visit are clear in my mind.  I see myself visiting them, and I feel the energy of traveling, meeting new people, tasting different foods, touring historical sites, and witnessing the sheer beauty of the earth.  I have consciously designed this pattern of thinking.   But there is more, I believe.

Law of Attraction Takes Conscious Thought

Along with my conscious thoughts, I have spent time considering my unconscious beliefs as well, and I have discovered an epidemic running rampant.   Many of us believe our dreams won’t come true.  We don’t believe we are worthy of happiness or love.  We think we are ‘not good enough’.   When we believe we are inadequate and unworthy, we will create situations to prove that.  Abundant situations will elude us because having more than enough money, love, happiness, health, and well being would not be able to resonate energetically with us.  A man who desires a new career, for example, but doubts his self worth, will not manifest his desired career because he is not in alignment with the energy of it.  In truth, it could never show up.  Energetically, the two cannot exist together.

Law of Attraction in Action

While I would never trade my traveling opportunities, I would like to travel differently next time.  You see, I have enjoyed accompanying young adults on these excursions.  I have been a tour leader and chaperon, and it has been a most fulfilling experience for me.  Up until recently however, I didn’t believe it was possible for me to travel the world any other way because I wasn’t able to fathom the abundance already within me.  But like evolution itself, I too expand in a growing consciousness.

Law of Attraction is No Coincidence

Nothing happens by coincidence.  There are no mistakes, and nothing occurs by luck.  Our minds are powerful and our deepest thoughts are the keystone of our creations.  We are always creating, and we are always evolving.  In the evolution of our lives, may we create on purpose and not by default.  May we journey within, being fully aware of ourselves – our thoughts and our beliefs, and may we find self worth and magnificence along the way.  This is the journey to be on, the trip of a lifetime – created not by luck, but by design.



Picture in SantoriniFrom my heart to yours,




Tina Gibson is a published author, poet, blogger, life coach and teacher. She is a licensed minister and compassionate speaker with a progressive view of why we are here and how we can make this our most prolific experience thus far. If you would like to connect with Tina to inquire about how she can present her far-reaching concepts about living your most experiential life, please send an email to  Your comments about my thoughts and views are always welcome and appreciated.

Jun 13

The Call of the Soul

Our Souls Are Being Asked to Awaken


soulAwakening to one’s truest nature is the call of the soul.  Right now, we are being asked to awaken … to remember, and see our Truth – not the opening of physical eyes, but the opening of the heart, the portal into the soul itself.  We are being asked to move our attentions from our minds to our hearts and birth a new consciousness, a new awareness of self.  Like a physical birth, the opening of the cervix which allows new life to emerge, the birth of one’s soul through the heart, just might hurt like hell.


Often transformation is caused through great suffering.  We writhe in pain as we endure many difficult situations, all of which urge us to open, to love, to surrender to that which wants to be birthed.  It is natural.  This Life which calls from the hidden reaches of Creation wants to live here too, and we are being called to pay attention.


For those who hear the call and are ready for it, the idea of most certain changes may not seem so scary.  Some people are ready to do whatever it takes to allow their soul to be heard, to live from heart, to live from the place of knowing they are God also.


 Like a physical birth, the opening of the cervix which allows new life to emerge, the birth of one’s soul through the heart, just might hurt like hell.


Our Soul Wants to Evolve

But the idea of change is frightening for most of us.  And this does not mean we are bad or there is something wrong with us – not at all.  It just means it is time to listen.  Perhaps, we have ignored the call in the past – we were too busy or we believed we were not worthy.  But now our souls are calling loudly.  They want our attention.  Let us not underestimate the power of this collective calling – this calling is the universe in expansion.  The collective souls of the universe want to be heard, and like a roaring torrential downfall of wind and rain, we cannot stop the flood.  You cannot stop yourself from evolving.  The universe will force it upon you whether you like it or not. Our soul is ready.


The time for facing difficult situations is upon us – relationships ending in divorce and breakup, family and friends becoming ill, many choosing to leave the planet and making their physical transitions.  Loss of jobs, homes, and security is felt across the globe.  It is apparent that difficulties have altered lives, leaving much sadness and heartbreak.  When we lose a family member to death, drugs, or disease or a spouse to another, it is the heart that feels the suffering, not the mind.  And it is only through the heart that we feel the pain … or the joy, allowing the birth of transformation.  This is the spiritual set up, the plan which in the end calls us to remember our Truth.  This lifetime, we are being called to embody our divinity and live from the place of heart instead of our mind.  We are being asked by our souls to BE God in form on this earth.


It may take a huge wake up call to accomplish this task.  It will take a different way of looking at life and a new way of being.  We will be asked to let go of an old way, and that may be difficult.  But with all difficulties come great opportunities… opportunities to transform, to open the heart space in the midst of pain and allow ourselves to birth anew, to literally integrate the soul fully with our physical bodies on earth.


This lifetime, we are being called to embody our divinity and live from the place of heart instead of our mind.


As a spiritual counselor and teacher of this new energy consciousness, I can midwife you through this process, supporting your heart’s opening and transformation, and guiding you through your pain.  I can help you in the complete acceptance of all parts of yourself, even those you have shirked from and kept hidden away.  It is time.  Together we can integrate yourself fully…your mind, body, and soul, and begin an evolution–your expansion, and the birthing of your truest Self.

From my heart to yours,

SoulSway, Soul




Jun 09

About SoulSway

What’s In a Name?

“The soul’s way is to sway with the soul.  The Soul Sway is like a dance, meeting challenges but continually moving past them and staying on course.”  

My desire to bring forth an online space, found me front and center with a hosting site and the excitement of seeking out possible web names and their availability. came together quite easily.  For me, the idea of living life the soul’s way is an awesome thought.   It forces me to questions, Who Am I and what would it look like if I were living the way of my soul?   Perhaps, it is true as some believe, that our souls want to integrate with our human selves in the new and higher energies of Earth.  In the discovery my True Self, I believe I am waking up and remembering something good within me – a divine presence, perhaps.  Is it possible my remembering is opening a space for my soul to choose to dwell, even here with me now?  Might it be true that we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for as Mahatma Gandhi stated?  Perhaps, it is.  If we were to do as others suggest and look inside ourselves instead of looking towards an outside source, would we sense there is something grand?  And if so, are we ready to be the powerful, loving, opened-hearted people we hear about?   Are we ready to love in a way that will save ourselves …and our planet?

Might it be true that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for as Mahatma Gandhi stated?


When “Good” Doesn’t Look Like Good

I believe it is actually happening.  People around the globe are in the process of designing new ways of doing things.  We humans are  engineering new technologies resulting in clean energy, streamlined worldwide communication, safe and productive food and water supply, ecological sustenance and continued growth in areas such as education, medicine, health, and well-being.  Today, more than ever, humans are concerned about the treatment of animals and the rights of other human beings.  There is much good out there, but it doesn’t always look like that, does it?  When I don’t see ‘good’, I try to remember that the breaking down of the old, makes way for the new to appear, like the time I remodeled my kitchen.   During the renovation of my home a couple of years ago, I lived through the demolition of my kitchen. I had to experience the exposed floor boards and the cabinets sitting in the garage.  I watched the old counter tops pulled out, holes cut into the walls for electrical sockets and under counter lighting, and exposed plumbing.  It was a mess.  But in time, the new kitchen appeared.  The cabinets, new countertops and hardwood flooring, not to mention the updated color on the walls, brought newness and sparkle to what used to be old and tattered.


The soul’s way is without judgment, I believe.  It is a way of living that allows “what is”to be …  without angst, just an acceptance of how life shows up.  It’s kind of like a flowing river meandering downstream, seemingly effortless.   Rocks, boulders, and wood in the river could be considered obstacles, but the water bumps up against them forming ripples or rapids and still finds its way.  The water, no matter what it comes up against, continues its course, making its journey continually down the stream.  The soul’s way is to flow – to be in a smooth flowing rhythm of life, bumping into obstacles but swaying with ease around them.  The soul’s way is to sway with the soul.   The Soul Sway is like a dance, meeting challenges but continually moving past them and staying on course.


No matter how it’s pronounced, is a place to be inspired, a place to find thought provoking ideas, and a place for interaction and heart-felt acceptance.   Join me in being in sway with the soul – the soul’s way.


From my heart to yours,



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Jun 09

What If?

What if everything was what it is simply because of our thinking?

What if there was no such thing as good or bad?

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – Shakespeare

This quote from Hamlet, Act II, and Scene II, often pinches its way into my mind, especially in the face of what I perceive to be difficulty and sadness. I have, as of late, been forced to examine head on that very idea, the notion that there is really nothing right or wrong. How interesting it is to think of life this way.  I grew up in the same world you did, and yes, I did learn the difference between what is right and what is wrong. I know these societal norms just like you do. And I know, as you do, that people who do “bad” things are considered “bad” people. They will be punished here on Earth and/or in Heaven. But what if this isn’t really the case at all?   What if we have been looking at life through lenses of judgment, when really the Universe has it set up a different way – and we just don’t know it yet? What if?

Most people of the society in which we all grew up also believe there is a spiritual component to their humanness. This belief suggests there is an invisible spirit or soul, which some would call their higher self.  What if, for a moment, we could entertain the idea that our souls chose to delve into the energies of Earth just to experience life here?   What if instead of trudging along lifetime after lifetime, on a quest of being “good,” our souls just wanted to live – to live through all kinds of experiences? It is thought that some of us have lived thousands of lifetimes. If this is true, and if my soul has been here to experience life, could it also be true that somewhere in those lifetimes I have been exceedingly wealthy, and I’ve also been a pauper? Wouldn’t it also be true that I have been the murdered… and also the murderer? I know I’ve been a priest before, and I also know I’ve been a prostitute.

What if, for a moment, we could entertain the idea that our souls chose to delve into the energies of Earth just to experience life here?

Let’s think here for a minute. If instead of judging people or ways of life as right or wrong, can it be possible to allow them to just be experiences? Can we even look at war, disease, and even child abuse as experiences? I know this is pushing the envelope. I do know it. Yet, while in the midst of creating a New Earth, we need to ask ourselves “what is it we’re attached to?”

What if You Are Attached to Your Idea of Right or Wrong?

Are we are attached to being right and making others wrong? Are we attached to the way we perceive reality? I believe It is time to stop the judging. It is time to stop thinking in terms of good or bad for it is only when I place judgment on something that it becomes good or bad.  So, what if any of this was true? What need would I have to judge anyone or anything ever again? I believe everybody is on their own paths, and their souls have chosen to have experiences. Who are we to make them good or bad? What could possibly make you good or bad? My belief is that our souls are here to experience life – all of it. With this belief, one which is growing strong in the hearts of multitudes across the planet, absolutely knows that nothing can possibly be good or bad. It’s only our thinking that makes it so.   It is said that some of the most powerful souls are on Earth today, many housed in imperfect bodies; some with slower minds, many sitting in insane asylums.

There is no room for judgment and even your soul may choose a different path next go round.  What If?


From my heart to yours,

What if?
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Jan 10

Abrasions Make Smooth

In nature, rocks in the ocean’s tide become smooth when they collide with each other, breaking them into even smaller ones. Over time, the surfaces of these pieces are polished and smoothed due to the endless abrasion of sand and particles in the water. It is these collisions, like rock to rock combat, and the abrasive action of sand and silt that smooths the rough edges, turning them into small and beautiful jewels of nature.

While walking along the beach, I find a rock and pick it up. I am not aware of the journey it has taken to reach the shore appearing shiny and new, but it is not new. A very old specimen, it has hit up against other rocks and felt the sands brushing against it, the forces of nature hitting it, scratching it, molding it, into the satin smooth rock I have found. Perhaps, I would throw it back into the sea if not for its exquisite texture.

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A New Year’s Solution to New Year’s Resolutions

          As the new year begins and 2013 comes to an end, I am reminded of the long time tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions.  For years, I have started the new year with high expectations, focusing on things I would like to do in the coming year, things I didn’t accomplish during the previous one.  Like starting with a clean slate, a chance to get things “right this time”, I make a list of To Do items, and off I go into the first few months of the new year, only to forget, drop off the bandwagon, or lose interest.  Needless to say, by about the end of February, my New Year’s resolutions are not thought of again …. until the end of the year when it’s time to make another one.

          This year I have a solution to my resolution dilemma.  As I consider my intentions for the coming year, I am certain that for them to “stick”, I must first “feel” into them.  In the past, I have set New Year’s resolutions based on what I would like to experience.  I didn’t accomplish something in the previous year, so I wanted to make it happen in the next.  Wanting to make it happen, means I don’t have it.  And if this is what I state as my truth, “putting it out there” like that, I will in essence, create more of the same…. something I don’t have.

          As I determine a resolution for the coming year, I want to conjure up feelings of already having it – deep, glowing, sensations I might feel if I already had the thing I wanted to create.  Without them, the fuel of my intention will not spark and ignite.  Experiencing feelings of already having the things I wish to enjoy is the secret to powerful creating.

          But I cannot always touch those kinds of feelings.  I have for brief moments; I have held on to the glimpses of them, but maintaining those fire-in-the-belly kinds of feelings can be difficult … even though my intention to do so is strong.

          This year, I’m going to focus on the feelings of my intentions by seeing things differently.  Instead  of looking ahead at the new year to come, I’m going to look back on 2013 and in gratitude recreate the experience of the major events, the people who graced my life, and my accomplishments.  As I open myself to feel gratitude for things I’ve already experienced, I will be able to feel them more deeply, maintain them for longer periods of time, and transfer them to future experiences.

          Today, I feel love for my friends and family.  I delight as I remember traveling internationally.  I am blessed to have a career where I touch young minds and souls, and  I am thankful for the other sources of income I have created to enhance my life.  Too, I am grateful for what I have learned about myself in 2013, even in the experience of sadness at the end of a personal relationship and friendship.

          Feeling into the details of my 2013 gratitude list, I am certain 2014 will bring even more joy because the energy of gratitude opens doors New Year’s resolutions could never open. It was a year well-lived, and I’m already thankful for what lies ahead.


From my heart to yours,