Jan 10

Abrasions Make Smooth

In nature, rocks in the ocean’s tide become smooth when they collide with each other, breaking them into even smaller ones. Over time, the surfaces of these pieces are polished and smoothed due to the endless abrasion of sand and particles in the water. It is these collisions, like rock to rock combat, and the abrasive action of sand and silt that smooths the rough edges, turning them into small and beautiful jewels of nature.

While walking along the beach, I find a rock and pick it up. I am not aware of the journey it has taken to reach the shore appearing shiny and new, but it is not new. A very old specimen, it has hit up against other rocks and felt the sands brushing against it, the forces of nature hitting it, scratching it, molding it, into the satin smooth rock I have found. Perhaps, I would throw it back into the sea if not for its exquisite texture.

Too, this beautiful rock is what I can aspire to become. Bumping up against other people, interacting and colliding, irritations and angers, I am learning to be a smoother version of myself as I release judgements. The pains of life, agonizing break ups and feelings of rejection; fears and inadequacies, loss of a loved one – all of these pains have taught me to be a new way, smoother and more polished.

There is no reason to harbor ill will towards the pains I have felt.  No, these are the sands which have encouraged my inner beauty to shine through. These colliding, difficult, and bruising times have forced me to look deeper within myself.  While looking for love and acceptance, the pains have led me to find my own shine, my inner light, and I too am becoming a treasure with perfect sheen and elegant sides.

Rumi, a 13th century mystic poet wrote, Your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.  The sands and turbulences of life have shown me my barriers, and in my acceptance of them, I chip away the rough edges.  My pains have changed me, and I am grateful.  My journey leads me to the shores of my perfection, like the rock I found on the beach, the barriers and roughness smoothed away so the beauty and the light can shine through.


From my heart to yours,