Dec 16

Go Ahead! Tear the Wrapping Paper–A Holiday Reminder of Possibilities

tear the wrapping paper

Tear the Wrapping Paper!

With the holidays upon us, I have become more aware of childhood memories, magical expectations of the season, and family traditions. Christmas carols and movies paint a picture of chestnuts roasting, a Yule log in the fireplace, sleigh bells ringing while horses pull an open sleigh through the snow towards grandma’s house in the woods. Family members spreading love and joy sing merrily through the season, and Christmas cheer is evident on the faces of young and old alike. These are my images of Christmas. However, what I actually experience is not like any of these – the images of songs, stories, or movies.

Each year, I tend to gear myself up for another go-round of shopping and the bombardment of commercials suggesting the perfect gift. I try to merry myself with the tree and tinsel and lights, but still a low grade depression seeps under my skin, seemingly plaguing me and my view of the season. But this year, I want to do it differently. This year, I believe there is another way.

Thinking of my family traditions, I am reminded of Christmas morning. Dad begins the ceremonial event and hands a present to one person at a time. Everyone watches as the gift is unwrapped. In this manner, much conversation takes place; all gifts are acknowledged; many hugs are given. With each gift, the paper is taken off carefully so the beautifully decorated and foiled wrappings might be preserved for another year. Even a knife is on hand to cut strings and ribbons or that piece of tape that won’t come off without tearing the paper.

Unwrapping gifts at my parents’ house takes time. It is a process, and it is familiar to me after so many years. It is the way it is done, and the tradition has continued with my own children. There are occasions however, when saving the paper is impossible, and a decision is made to tear the package open. One of us will say, “Go ahead! Tear the paper.” At that, everything changes. Careful unwrapping flies out the window, and the gift is opened quickly, the sound of torn and ripped paper, the crunch of a paper wad, and the heightened sense of excitement gets everyone’s attention. A new and fulfilling energy comes forth. The gift is revealed. The wadded up ball is discarded and thrown across the room to the trash. The children cheer; the adults are energized.
Contemplating the idea of making changes in my life, I have chosen to use the analogy, of “tearing the wrapping paper”, for in the imagined tearing, a new energy takes place. A new belief in one’s life is possible. I can choose to continue doing the familiar, the same thing over and over, carefully processing my life, or I can go ahead and tear the paper, revealing the gift, and choosing a new life. In other words, I can stay in the same place, hoping things will change, or I can make a radical decision and be energized by the wonderful gifts of that decision.

My Dreams and How I am Tearing the Wrapping Paper

Last May, I decided to leave my teaching career to focus on the book I had imagined writing. The decision did not seem logical, and it wasn’t, for I would leave behind the sanctity of a dependable paycheck. I would need to rely on the income of two rental houses, but my desire to write the book outweighed any logical bone in my body. And so I did it. I made a choice, a conscious choice to follow my dreams. What is it they say? Jump, and grow your wings on the way down. Well, I am doing that. I went ahead and tore the paper. I ripped the package open, and in the new energy of that, I have been given many gifts. For one, the writing of my book is going well. But also, I have been amazed at the way my life is progressing. Almost without effort, I was offered an opportunity to publish a piece of my writing. It is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and I can now call myself a published author. Additionally, I have received the gift of being a part of Brad Simkins, Inner Guide Empowerment Show. It feels wonderful and kind of miraculous and mysterious. I did know ahead of time, my life would work out this way. I just trusted in possibilities and believed in myself. Through it all, I still contemplate the mystery, and I am continually reminded of Henry David Thoreau’s famous words. Thoreau, who conducted a series of life experiments, “living deliberately”, discovered in his day a phenomenon which today we recognize as quantum physics. As Thoreau made conscious choices, he concluded that:

“If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, endeavoring to live the life they are imagining, one passes an invisible boundary. All sorts of things begin to occur that never otherwise would have occurred. One begins to meet with a success unexpected in common hours. New, more universal and liberal laws begin to establish themselves around that person, or the old laws are rearranged in one’s favor. Nevertheless, one begins to live with the license of a higher order of being.”

Ripping the package open is like making a new choice for one’s life. It is the same as advancing confidently in the direction of one’s dreams. Visualizing the dream and imagining oneself in it, is highly important. When a person endeavors to live the life they are imagining, he or she passes an invisible boundary, and all sorts of things begin to occur that never otherwise would have occurred. Things begin to fall into place perfectly. When information is needed, the right people seem to come forward with it. A strange synchronicity begins to take place, and the way it happens is almost unexplainable.

Tearing the Wrapping Paper and Quantum Physics

I just finished reading twice, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, You Are The Placebo. The book is filled with real-life accounts of people who have changed their lives, healing their bodies, by believing it is possible. Additionally, he explains critical scientific evidence verifying the feelings behind our thoughts literally trigger chemicals which change the way our bodies respond. He too focuses on visualization and imagining new desired outcomes and possibilities. He shares his beliefs about the role meditation plays in our lives, and he helps the reader create a mental picture of desired outcomes. Visualization starts the process in the brain, he says, and chemicals called neuropeptides begin working, sending new messages to the cells. “When the DNA in a cell gets the information from the neuropeptide, it responds by turning on some genes and turning off others, all to support your new state of being.”
Equipped with the advice of Thoreau and Dispenza, along with my ability to listen to my own guidance and trust, I choose a new way of being. I choose new thoughts, and I raise my own vibration. I have decided to go ahead and tear the paper, for in the imagined ripping open of the package, I jolt myself into different thought patterns and new energy.

Last night after receiving the email confirming my appearance on the radio show, I was struck with dread. I literally shook and admitted to being “scared to death.” Imagining myself carefully opening a gift, I knew I had two choices. I could either put the package down or I could tear it open and think differently about myself and the situation. My fear stemmed from not being ready, not being spiritual enough, not being good enough. For a brief time, I wanted to back out and run away from the opportunity. But instead, of dropping the package altogether, I decided to rip it open and make a new decision – a more radical one. I decided to contemplate the following thoughts and believe them, for they are true.

  • Get out of your comfort zone. Trust yourself. Your heart is open.
  • Irregardless of fear, be your magnificence.
  • Feel into yourself and be true to your dream. You have much to say.
  • This opportunity would not have presented itself if you were not ready.

In time, I succeeded. I fell into a sleep, knowing I had changed my energy. I had made a different decision, and I felt a new level of energy as I gave myself permission to tear the paper and reveal the gift. Oh, the gift? It turned out to be a larger and greater version of myself.

It is true, when we choose to tear the paper, inevitably, the gift revealed is a new and better version of ourselves. When we come from our own magnificence, we create many more wondrous events and surprises. Loving ourselves enough to step into our power is ultimately the gift that keeps on giving, for we create according to our beliefs. it is done to us AS we believe. Therefore, believing we are good, only brings more good.
Christmas-DecorationsPerhaps, using the analogy of ripping paper, we will be reminded to change our negative thoughts to positive. As we open our own gifts this season, may we remember to acknowledge our own greatness, and may we stop in mid sentence when we hear ourselves complaining or blaming. Perhaps, tearing the paper will mean a commitment to stop smoking for one person and to eat healthy foods for another. Maybe somebody will decide to step out of an abusive relationship while another person leaves a dead end job. I hope there are some who decide to write a book and others who take the steps to own a business. Tear open those packages. Let them remind us of infinite possibilities.

I know for me, I will make a different decision about the holidays. I already have done so. If I start to feel sad and depressed during the holidays, I will continue to choose a new way of thinking. Namely, I am happy. I see good in the world. I love my family and friends. I am blessed. I won’t leave the package unopened, I promise. Nope. I am ripping it open and finding a new me. I am changing my thoughts and replacing the old ones. I’m already feeling excitement about an upcoming Christmas party.  Heck! You just never know. I might even be seen Christmas caroling in the neighborhood this year.


From my heart to yours,

SoulSway, Soul