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Living the Law of Attraction

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Is it Luck? Or is the Law of Attraction in Action?


Recently returning from a two week trip to Europe, a colleague  sent me an email expressing the luck I must have to be able to take such an excursion.  It’s true, I did travel to the grand city of Istanbul before getting on a cruise ship bound for Crete and the island of Santorini.  I did see the Acropolis in Athens, and I spent three days in Rome, touring historical sites there.  However, after re-reading his email, I was keenly aware that it was not luck that sent me traveling.


Remembering the summer I spent in China in 2006, the 10 day trip I took to Costa Rica in 2007, and the two times I went to Africa in 2011 and 2013, I thought again of the possible luck involved.  I can see how one might think I am lucky.  These trips did not cost me anything.  It might appear to be luck because I was “at the right place at the right time” when each trip was presented to me.  But luck was not involved.


Recently, much has been said and written about the Law of Attraction.  Simply put, we attract into our lives, situations and experiences that resonate with us.  We are the creators of our lives.  If creation is based on our thinking and the beliefs we hold, wouldn’t we do well to be more aware of our thinking?  According to the Law of Attraction, life shows up for us in exact parallels to our beliefs and thoughts.  Teachers of the Law of Attraction stress the importance of visualization and keeping clear, thoughts of desired outcomes.


A man who desires a new career, for example, but doubts his self worth, will not manifest his desired career because he is not in alignment with the energy of it.


My desire to travel is great.  Vivid mental pictures of the places I want to visit are clear in my mind.  I see myself visiting them, and I feel the energy of traveling, meeting new people, tasting different foods, touring historical sites, and witnessing the sheer beauty of the earth.  I have consciously designed this pattern of thinking.   But there is more, I believe.

Law of Attraction Takes Conscious Thought

Along with my conscious thoughts, I have spent time considering my unconscious beliefs as well, and I have discovered an epidemic running rampant.   Many of us believe our dreams won’t come true.  We don’t believe we are worthy of happiness or love.  We think we are ‘not good enough’.   When we believe we are inadequate and unworthy, we will create situations to prove that.  Abundant situations will elude us because having more than enough money, love, happiness, health, and well being would not be able to resonate energetically with us.  A man who desires a new career, for example, but doubts his self worth, will not manifest his desired career because he is not in alignment with the energy of it.  In truth, it could never show up.  Energetically, the two cannot exist together.

Law of Attraction in Action

While I would never trade my traveling opportunities, I would like to travel differently next time.  You see, I have enjoyed accompanying young adults on these excursions.  I have been a tour leader and chaperon, and it has been a most fulfilling experience for me.  Up until recently however, I didn’t believe it was possible for me to travel the world any other way because I wasn’t able to fathom the abundance already within me.  But like evolution itself, I too expand in a growing consciousness.

Law of Attraction is No Coincidence

Nothing happens by coincidence.  There are no mistakes, and nothing occurs by luck.  Our minds are powerful and our deepest thoughts are the keystone of our creations.  We are always creating, and we are always evolving.  In the evolution of our lives, may we create on purpose and not by default.  May we journey within, being fully aware of ourselves – our thoughts and our beliefs, and may we find self worth and magnificence along the way.  This is the journey to be on, the trip of a lifetime – created not by luck, but by design.



Picture in SantoriniFrom my heart to yours,




Tina Gibson is a published author, poet, blogger, life coach and teacher. She is a licensed minister and compassionate speaker with a progressive view of why we are here and how we can make this our most prolific experience thus far. If you would like to connect with Tina to inquire about how she can present her far-reaching concepts about living your most experiential life, please send an email to tina@thesoulsway.com.  Your comments about my thoughts and views are always welcome and appreciated.